Session C: Discussion - Mendoza

Variety of topics, including contexts and audience level considerations were addressed. Not just the questioning, or simply the content, but the Podcasts should provide something that would permit the balance between the Podcast and tours.

1. It was suggested that different tours be developed between spaces so as to balance narratives by the educational levels of the anticipated audience, and therefore it would be ideal to integrate different tours for different audiences. For example, Podcasts for Docents training.

2. Development would require consideration of language use by the diverse nature of the audiences anticipated, and the challenges that audiences pose, including multilingual Podcasts.

3. Question of balance between content and looking through museums, and how to negotiate a successful balance of content and engagement…so that the visitor or student is engaged with content so as to avoid boredom.

4. Issue of embedded activities and their use. The whole Podcast for one of us would be optional, but if not required why should students take the time to complete the activity? Adding the Podcasts would require having to add to the list of potential items to be graded.

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