Pre-institute Materials

As June 1st draws near, we want to provide you with the schedule and session readings, as well as what we would like you to do in preparation for the Institute.

1) We are going to practice drafting and recording a short 2-minute visual/audio script on an object that will or might be included in your overall tour.

You will need to:

—-Take a series of digital photographs (about 8-10) of the object from different angles and distances (close-ups, wide angle). If have not yet decided what to include in your tour or if you do not have time, we suggest going on the WEB and find images of an object that visually represents the topic you are interested in working on.

—-Save images as .jpg files to a flash drive and bring to institute. Suggest also emailing .jpg files to yourself as a back up.

2) We are going to post our mini-visual/audio tour on YouTube so we can share what we have created and critique. The instructions for setting up a YouTube account are here.

You will need to:

—-Create your account (Be prepared to try lots of different user names until you find one that is available).

—-If you have problems, please let Cecilia know (ude.bmusc|yraeloec#ude.bmusc|yraeloec)

3) We have set up a “wiki” for the Institute. There is not a lot on the wiki yet, but we will be adding some of our pre-institute materials. All of us will be able to continue building it during and after the Institute.

You will need to:

—-Set up a account if you don't have one already. (

—-Then go to our wiki at — go to the link on the side bar - How to join this site? and use the following password to become a member: MOScsumb (case matters)

—-If you have problems, please let David know (ude.drab.cgb|eeffajd#ude.drab.cgb|eeffajd).

4) Articles and WEB links. The readings are listed in chronological order.

We suggest reading the article on material culture before the Institute.

June 1

Session 2

Jules Prown, "Mind in Matter: An Introduction to Material Culture Theory and Method," Winterthur Portfolio, 17 (Spring 1982): 1-19. PDF to be downloaded at <>

June 2

Session 1: Jane Mushabac, "Civil War Stories," script for CUNY Making Object's Speak audio tour of New-York Historical Society, 2010.

Session 3: Douglas Monroy, The Social Relations of the California Missions,” in Working People of California, Daniel Cornford, ed. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995.

June 3

Session 1

Michael Coventry, Peter Felten, David Jaffee, Cecilia O’Leary, and Tracey Weis, with Susannah McGowan, "Ways of Seeing: Evidence and Learning in the History Classroom," Journal of American History (March 2006). <> and then short essays by individual authors

Session 2

Koven Smith, “The Future of Mobile Interpretation,” in Museums and the Web 2009: Proceedings, J. Trant and D. Bearman, eds. Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics. Published March 31, 2009. <>

Some supplementary materials that you might find interesting:

Steven Conn, "Introduction” and “Chapter One,” in Do Museums Still Need Objects? (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010).

“The Handheld Handbook” — Workshop is also from MWC 2009 that accompanied Koven Smith essay. <>

Ann Smart and J. Ritchie Garrison, "Shaping the Field: The Multidisciplinary Perspectives of Material Culture," in American Material Culture: The Shape of the Field, Ann Smart Martin and J. Ritchie Garrison, eds. Winterthur Museum, 1997. Note: Marginalia comes from a Columbia library copy, not mine.

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